We will create a simple, clear, reality based, client focused vision for each business

We want to have absolute clarity about what each business is about and where we specialise and what it means for the client. It should be simple to explain, easy to understand and distillable into concepts that can be explained in 30 seconds to anyone who asks. It should reflect the reality of the market and client needs. Each and every person should know what their business is trying to achieve and why.

We will be No 1 or No 2 in every market we operate in

We recognise that when you are one of the two leading players in the market then business comes more easily, opportunities are greater, the risks are lower and the returns are higher. We don’t want to invest time and effort taking on the Goliaths in the market. We want to focus on niche markets where we combine our expertise and resources to lead markets to the advantage of our clients.

We will operate on the basis of integrated diversity

We want every business to operate independently of one another in its own specific segment or sector of the market. But equally we want every business to always remember that they are part of a wider group. We have no time for silo mentality and we expect businesses to work together in the interests of satisfying clients and in pursuit of the greater good by sharing successful ideas, jointly developing best practices and helping everyone who needs it.

We will operate in a boundary-less fashion

We will operate without boundaries between businesses, functions, departments, managerial levels, suppliers, third parties and anyone else we deal with on a daily basis. Boundaries slow things down and sub-optimise decision making. They impede the flow of information and reduce productivity and effectiveness. We will keep all our channels open and share information with all partners on an open, transparent basis for mutual benefit.

We will control our own destiny

We know that if we don’t control our own destiny then someone else will. Whether that is in setting a differentiated strategy, ensuring agreements are fairly based or critically examining the world we operate in we must never put people and jobs at risk because someone other than us has control of our destiny. If we find ourselves in that situation we must exit at all speed and at whatever cost. Nothing is worth the risk of not being in control of our destiny. Nothing.